Prayer Requests for:

Chuck B.
Geoff B.
Kendra B-S
Dave C.
David C.
Judi & Don C.
Cate D. 
Bev E. 
John E.
Barbara F.
Anita G.
Cecile G.
Tracy G.
Arn H.
Tom H.
Bill & Wendy H.
Rose Anne J.
Ezra K.
Lana K.
Ron L.
Rory L.
Bud M.
Maddie & Girard M.
Maureen M.
The Moore Family
Cindy O.
Eli O.
Ann P.
Bev P.
Nikki P.
Mike & Mary P.
Tracy P.
Carrie R.
Hayley S.
Kyle S.
Ann T.
Barbara T.
Jared T. & Family
The Todd Family
Tolin & Family
Tanya V.
Bob V., Sr.
Janet W.
Nick W.
Addy Y.
Jim Z.
Unspoken Requests


Victims of Climate Catastrophes
Fire Fighters and First Responders
Military Personnel 
The People of Ukraine
Peace in the Middle East
Young People
Old Drivers
UMCOR Relief Efforts


Prayers of Comfort and Peace for families that have lost loved ones:

The family of Bob H.
The family of Christie H.
The family of Bruce M.

Updated 09-08-2022