White Salmon United Methodist Church
Saturday, August 13, 2022
Open Hearts, Open Minds, Open Doors

Who's Who at WSUMC

Committee Phone Chair Name E-Mail Address
Lay Leader 493-1679 Mary Kapp jmkapp@gorge.net
Administrative Board 493-2110 Bob Van Alstine bobhvanalstine@gmail.com
Lay Member to Annual Conference 493-9267 Roberta Wood wsumc@embarqmail.com
1st Alt. Lay Member to AC 493-1885  Clel Harr  psharr@charter.net 
2nd Alt. Lay Member to AC      
Recording Secretary 493-9267    Roberta Wood    wsumc@embarqmail.com
Financial Secretary 493-3586 Kathy Grisanti grisanti@embarqmail.com
Assistant Financial Secretary 541-490-1478 Tracy Van Alstine tks1851@gmail.com
Treasurer 541-993-5374 Barbara Sexton madison@gorge.net 
Assistant Treasurer 493-9267 Roberta Wood wsumc@embarqmail.com
Missions Team 493-2429 Stan Horack
United Methodist Women  493-1679  Mary Kapp  jmkapp@gorge.net 
United Methodist Men 493-    
Board of Trustees  493-2445  Tom Hager  tomterrific3@juno.com 
Media Technology Team 493-2429  Stan Horack
Membership Secretary   493-9267  Roberta Wood   wsumc@embarqmail.com 
Memorial Secretary  493-9267  Roberta Wood  wsumc@embarqmail.com 
Nominations Committee 493-1308  Pastor Kendra  behnsmit@hotmail.com 
Outreach Team  493-2110  Sherry Van Alstine  bobhvanalstine@gmail.com 
Property & Finance Council 493-2011  Ron Logan  geroniclogan@aol.com 
Staff-Parish Relations Committee  541-645-0517  Liz Paulson 
Worship Team 
Pastor Kendra