White Salmon United Methodist Church
Sunday, May 22, 2022
Open Hearts, Open Minds, Open Doors
Prayer Requests for:

Sean A.
Daniel A.
Geoff B.
Don B.
Kendra B-S
June & Brian B.
Hector C.
The Chambers Family
Judi C.
Allen C.
Gary C.
Samantha C.
Cate D.
The Davidson Family
Donna (NOMADS)
Bev E.
Jack F.
Leo G.
Pete G.
Peggy H.
Tom & Mary Louise H.
Bill & Wendy H.
Emily H.
Stella H.
John H.
The Jensen Family
Larry & Clelia Jacoy
Kahlen (preemie baby)
Jordan K.
Ezra K.
Ross & Sue Lambert
Ron L.
Marnie L.
Karen L.
Lydia's Dad
Will L.
Mary Ruth M. 
Tracy M.
Daniel M.
The Moore Family
Vivian M.
Alana M.
Deb O.
Evie O.
Lowell O.
Eli O.
Adam P.
Nikki P. 
Mike & Mary P.
Molly & Mattie
Traci P.
Joyce S.
Brianna S.
Amy S.
Al & Alice S.
Jared T. & Family
Jim T.
Paul T.
Sally T.
Freddie T.
Tanya & Bob V., Jr.
Tom W.
Dwayne W.
Roberta & Emmalee W.
Addison Y.
Unspoken Requests
Victims of Tornadoes, Floods, Earthquakes & Fires
Fire Fighters and First Responders 
Korean Peace
Syrian Turmoil
Peace in the Middle East
Young People
Old Drivers
UMCOR Relief Efforts
   Skyline/Northshore Reconciliation
   Skyline ER Expansion
   The Pool Project
   Hood River Bridge Project
   River Front Park
   Community Youth Center
   The Homeless in our Community
   The Measles Outbreak
   The Hispanic Pentecostal Church
   Insitu Layoffs
Australia Fires and First Responders
Coronavirus/COVID-19 Treatment and Vaccination
Health Care Workers and Grocery Store Workers
School Closures until Fall
Massive Lay-offs and Reductions
For those who have no one to pray for them.
Prayers of Comfort and Peace for families that have lost loved ones:
The family of  Mary Louise H. 
The family of
 Updated 06-23-20