White Salmon United Methodist Church
Tuesday, December 11, 2018
Open Hearts, Open Minds, Open Doors
Prayer Requests for:

Aunt Verna
Virginia B.
Bob & Penny B.
June & Brian B.
Dad B.
Colt C.
Parker C.
Kirsten C.
Connie & Daughter
Judy D.
Betty D.
Pete G.
Pastor Sam & Christy G.
Tom & Mary Louise H.
George H.
Jan H.
Stella H.
Janet H.
Fritz H.
Doug H.
Julee W.H.
Carol K.
Kary K.
Ezra K.
Jean K.
Bernie & Emily K.
Marnie L.
Don M.
Jim & Vivian M.
Howard M.
Alana M.
Eli O.
Liz P.
Nikki P.
Mary P.
Mike P.
Catherine S.
Joyce S.
Ken S.
David S.
Jordan S.
Paulette S.
Al S.
Angela T.
Jared T.
Sharon T.
Bill W.
Kathy W.
Unspoken Requests
Victims of Tornadoes, Floods, Earthquakes & Fires
Fire Fighters and First Responders 
Korean Peace
Syrian Turmoil
Peace in the Middle East
Young People
Prayers of Comfort and Peace for families that have lost loved ones:
The family of  Helen G.
The family of 
The family of
The family of
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